Meet our San Diego Scholar, Erin!

Meet Erin Trickel!

Hometown: California
Major: Secondary Education and Statistics

How is this scholarship impacting your education?
I work two jobs to cover my living expenses while attending the University of Missouri. There really isn’t enough time in the day to work enough to pay for all the bills and keep up with my 18-hour course load, so thank you for the scholarship, it makes all the difference.

Please describe your career goals:
I hope to be a high school math teacher. I would ideally like to work with the advanced math students in Calculus and Statistics.

What are you involved in at Mizzou?
I am in Active Minds and I’m the treasurer of Leading Through Literacy. I also do volunteer tutoring for COR Columbia, it serves male student-athletes in Columbia high schools.

Personal note from your scholar:
Thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship to the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am working hard every day to earn my degree and appreciate your support.

What inspired you to attend Mizzou?
I was inspired to attend Mizzou because so many of my family members attended Mizzou. Although I had never lived in Missouri, I had visited extended family every year in Trenton, Missouri. I wanted to be closer to them and establish my own home in a state my whole family loves.

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