Meet our San Diego Scholar, Ryan!

Meet Ryan Edwards!

Hometown: San Diego, California
Major: Finance

How is this scholarship impacting your education?
This scholarship is tremendously helping me attend the University of Missouri. I have been able to pursue a degree in finance at a prestigious 4- year University with an outstanding business college.

Please describe your career goals:
I would like to graduate in may of 2021 with a degree in finance and then go back to grad school and get my masters. I would like to become a financial advisor after I get my degree.

What are you involved in at Mizzou?
I am involved with Stripes, which is a service on campus that provides free rides home for students living in Columbia. I am also apart of Lead Peer Educators where I am training to teach groups of people about the kind of leaders they can be and how to best use their skills to lead confidently.

Personal note from your scholar:
Thank you so much for sponsoring this scholarship. You have given me such a great opportunity to achieve an education at a great school where I can pursue my passion. Being here has really changed my life for the better so thank you for being so generous and truly affecting lives.

What inspired you to attend Mizzou?
My sister is a senior here and after visiting her a few times, I fell in love with the campus, the people I met, and the city of Columbia. I am so happy to finally be here and to be studying here.

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